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The Philippine Journal of Fisheries (TPJF) is published in the English language and accepts the following types of manuscript.

Original Research Article is a full-length paper reporting new research findings with sufficient details for validation and reproducibility. It should be approximately 5000-8000 words long, including abstract, acknowledgment, and references.

Review Article is a critical review presenting objective synthesis and assessment of topics within the scope of the Journal and carefully interpreting and critiquing said knowledge based on available literature. It is more flexible in terms of format and length but is stricter on having at least 30 literature references preferably published over the last five (5) years. A review article may be submitted directly or by invitation.

Short Communication is a concise but complete description of new concepts, investigations, experimental methods, models, technical operations or applied activities to inform readers of a development in a particular research area. It is more flexible in terms of format, but it must include references and a detailed description of the methodology and must not exceed three (3) pages or approximately 4000 words, including the references, tables, and figures.

All manuscripts will undergo a peer review process upon acceptance for publication.

The Journal strictly considers that the manuscript is the author/s’ original work and has not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere. All authors must have participated in the research and preparation of the manuscript.

The contents of the Journal will be available for open access through the Journal’s website.