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Publication Policy

The Journal is not responsible in any way of the facts and opinions expressed or claims made by the author/s.

Copyright and Permission
The author/s transfers the copyright of the article to TPJF.

Conflict of Interest
All author/s should disclose any conflict of interest that might be perceived to influence the author/s’ objectivity. Potential conflict of interest includes but not limited to:

  • Patent ownership;
  • Author or reviewer has a substantial direct or indirect financial interest in the subject matter of the manuscript; and
  • One of the authors belongs to the same institution as the suggested Reviewer.

Ethical Consideration
The research methodology of the manuscript must follow ethical research standards and secure the appropriate documents and permits where they are required.

Plagiarism, Misreporting, and Falsification of Data
Plagiarism is the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to the person (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).
All manuscripts and materials submitted to the Journal should contain accurate information and should properly cite all sources. The Editors and Reviewers will report any suspected plagiarism to the Editor-in-Chief.

Manuscript Charges and Color Reproduction
There is no publication fee. Color figures will be reproduced in the online publication free of charge.